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Welcome! This website is solely dedicated for the most fun way how to win prizes online by using your own skill, and that is of course by playing spot the ball! On this website you can find out all tips and tricks possible for online spot the ball. In addition to winning your Dream Car & cash with, you can also win or a number of other prices from their Lifestyle Competition by answering a simple question correctly!

And do check back frequently, as the content is constantly being updated to give you the best edge in winning spot the ball competitions! Be sure to check out all the tips and information on the website so you can increase your odds of winning spot the ball competitions, and remember to have fun and play responsibly!

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Playing spot the ball at is extremely simple and the selection of prizes is massive! In the weekly Dream Car Competition you can choose from over 170 cars, and in their Midweek Competition from over 60 cars. Alternatively, if you don’t fancy a new set of wheels the weekly Lifestyle Competition has a multitude of amazing prizes from cash to holidays. The spot the ball tickets for cars start as low as £0.45 per ticket (and you get discounts for multiple car tickets) and in the Lifestyle Competition as low as £0.25 per ticket!

Someone always wins every week in each competition – 100% guaranteed. So make sure you don’t miss out on your chances to win!

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Step 1:

Choose your prize:
Fancy a new car and up to £50,000 cash in the boot? Choose your preferred set of wheels from the great selection of cars and play to win!

Step 2:

Play spot the ball:
Play spot the ball with each ticket! Be sure to increase your odds of winning by purchasing more than just one ticket and make use of offers and discounts!

Step 3:

Wait for the judging to take place:
Someone always wins every week! Could you be the next winner? Read the tips and tricks on this website to hone your skills and improve your odds of winning!

Not sure how to play spot the ball?

Check out the free information on our website: Everything from basics to help you understand how to take part in spot the ball competitions, all the way to more advanced tips and other information that will help you increase your chances of winning spot the ball competitions.

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Don’t forget: You can practice with our free spot the ball quizzes before playing for real money!