It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting into spot the ball or are a BOTB veteran, as long as you’re interested in the topic and serious about winning; we got you covered. On this website you will find everything and anything even remotely related to the topic. The content and tips are constantly being updated. So do make sure to check back every now and then to keep on top of your game and keep learning!


How spot the ball works, and what are the typical steps that go into running such a competition.

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How to play spot the ball?


What is the single most important thing to understand, that can help you win a spot the ball competition?

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How to win spot the ball?


Find out about the most essential tips for spot the ball and tricks you can use to increase your odds of winning.

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Spot the ball tips


A case for spotting and why it’s more fun (and engaging) than other types of online competitions.

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Why spot the ball?

If you’re done reading, or if you just want to find out how good you really are in spot the ball: How about you try one of our quizzes? There are three different quizzes with different difficulties for players of all skill-levels. So you can not only see how good you are right now, but also practice and try to understand the game even better – and get better at it.