Take our free spot the ball quizzes to find out how good you really are!

Test your skills now to find out how good you really are in spot the ball in our free spot the ball quizzes. The easiest Quiz I is aimed at complete beginners who perhaps are just getting into spot the ball, the medium difficulty Quiz II is for the more experienced spot the ball player to practice with, and the hardest Quiz III is for those who really want to put their skills to test! The Quiz answers have just been shuffled, and there’s a brand new Quiz IV on the way that will be purposefully ridiculously difficult – so make sure to check back soon!

The spot the ball quizzes on this page consist of pictures and actual judging results from BOTB’s weekly Dream Car Competition and weekly Lifestyle Competition. You are therefore able to see which prize was won with each picture!

Quiz I

Spot the Ball Quiz - Beginner


Great for beginners and for understanding the basics.

Quiz II

Spot the Ball Quiz - Intermediate


Practice your skills and be prepared for the real deal.

Quiz III

Spot the Ball Quiz - Expert


A real challenge to match your skills with the judges’.

Quiz IV

Spot the Ball Quiz - Ultimate


The Ultimate spot the ball challenge is coming very soon!

PS. To understand fully how the judges came to the decision in each picture used in these quizzes, you should check out the winners results and judging video from BOTB’s website. Especially if you didn’t agree with the judging result – so you can up your game by understanding the judging process better!

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