Why Play Spot the Ball vs. Other Online Competitions?

Let’s go through a few solid reasons why spot the ball is one of the best forms of online competition there is. If you’re still wondering what spot the ball is – you might want to check out the how to play spot the ball page first and all the prizes you can win. And if you’re still interested, below are a few reasons why spot the ball might be the online competition for you:

Reason 1: Your skill matters

If put as simply as possibly one can: Spot the ball is a great form of an online competition to win with because you rely more on your own skill than on your luck. Spot the ball by very definition is a skill-based game, where your own skill matters. You can’t say the same from luck-based games i.e. gambling and lotteries. You might feel like you have lucky numbers and some insights and information on teams or horses, and other tactics for playing online competitions… But the reality is that if such games still need relying on luck and are less out of your own control. So it’s just not just very likely that you can win a lot of money or anything else like that. Unless you’re very lucky that is.

If you like to make your own luck – this is where Spot the Ball comes in.

To show that your skill does matter and it increases the odds of winning spot the ball competitions like BOTB, here are some prime examples skillful players who have won not just once!

As you can see it pays off to play well and your skill does matter. Understandably these double (and now triple) winners will cause an uproar on BOTB’s social media: People blaming the game is fixed and other obvious nonsense. Where as in reality it’s just down to the winners playing well enough to win.

So make sure you check all the tips this website has to offer so you can up your game too! (Note that according to the current rules: After winning BOTB you will have to take a break from playing it for a year to let others win too!)

Reason 2: You can get better at it

As it’s a skill-based game, you can get better in spot the ball and hone your skills by studying the judging and using various tips and tricks listed on this website. You can’t say the same about the majority of online competitions because you can’t get better at being lucky.

Reason 3: It’s also a fun online competition

It’s also pretty darn fun. But remember: As there are always other players playing and the judging may not go entirely your way every week: So while you should be to be in it to win it every week, you also shouldn’t spend too much so it stays fun!