Is BOTB a scam or not?

Is BOTB a scam or not…. And does someone actually win a car… “Every week? Really? Surely not!

Such questions and thoughts online are surprisingly common because it may seem too good to be true: That someone might win a brand new car with a well-placed spot in a picture that cost them a pound or two. Well, this really isn’t the case: Someone does always win a car every week both in their Dream Car Competition and the Midweek Lifestyle Competition (or another prize or cash alternative if chosen by the winner)! You’ll find all the reasoning and proof needed to understand why BOTB is not a scam or a fake company below.

The best way to understand how they do it is that they’re just a business with a certain type of a business model: BOTB sells enough tickets for the spot the ball game they run, and then cover the cost of the car and other prizes they give away and other costs such as marketing and salaries with these ticket sales. Meaning what they do does not differ from lotteries in the sense that the people who partake in the raffles pay for the jackpots themselves.

BOTB Scam or not?!

One still shouldn’t compare spot the ball competition BOTB runs to a lottery because it is a skill-based game and you can immensely affect your chances of winning by playing well. And there’s always a winner unlike some other competitions or lotteries.

In other words: No. They are not a fake company. BOTB is a very real company indeed that runs a spot the ball competition in which you can win a car by playing well.

If you still are not feeling sure if BOTB is real or not, let’s list some reasons why they are most definitely not a scam or a fake company:

And most importantly: 

  • BOTB shoots and publishes all the videos with the winner’s surprises and car collections, so there is countless hours of definite visual proof for anyone to see that the winners actually receive their prizes! (Example below)

Example Dream Car Winner (Week 6/2019)

Let’s take the following car winner as an example, to see what lengths BOTB actually goes to in order to be fully transparent about their competition:

Dream Car Winner 461 – Paul Gerraty

Week 6 2019

The full competition results for can be found here, and the following videos can be found below:
1. Judging Process – How the panel of judges decided where the ball was in the picture
2.Winner’s Surprise – When the winner of the competitions gets surprised by Christian
3. Car Collection – When the winner picks up the car he or she has won
(Keep in mind that in some cases there is no car collection video available, in case the winner opts in for the cash alternative price!)

Competition Judging

Winner’s Surprise

Car Collection

The Ultimate Reason Why BOTB Is not Fake

Here’s one final argument, and also the ultimate reason that cannot be argued with in the slightest. And this reason should put any doubt you may have about BOTB being fake or a scam to rest.

Entertain this thought for a moment: If BOTB wanted to be perceived as a credible company (as a scam company would), would they really hire people like Christian and Tim? No, of course not! See the video below as an example.

(Sorry guys!)

BOTB Scam or Real: Conclusion & Summary

So if BOTB is just an elaborate scam; they would have hundreds of thousands if not millions of people in on this great conspiracy – and for what? Does that sound reasonable or likely? No, of course not – let’s not be silly. It’s just a business that happens to have a business model that includes surprising people with the cars they have bought tickets for, and played the spot the ball game well enough to win! If BOTB would be fake this could be possibly the most elaborate scam of all time – for no apparently good enough of a reason other than to scam the people off a few pounds in ticket prizes!

Nevertheless you might STILL see stuff online or silly YouTube videos claiming BOTB is fake by people that are sour that they didn’t win a car after playing one time – when the reality is they just didn’t play well enough in the first place. So, do make sure you check out the tips and tricks on this page so you can increase your chances of winning the Dream Car Competition or the Midweek Lifestyle Competition by using your skill!