Win an Audi

Would you like to be a happy owner of the latest piece of German automotive engineering? Of course you would! You can win a brand new Audi for as little as £1.80 by using your own skill and playing spot the ball well enough to win!

Our Recommendations

The Family Car

Model: SQ7
Engine: V8 Twin-Turbo Diesel 4.0l
Power: 429bhp

Ticket Price: £3.55
Cash Alternative: £60,000

The Coupe

Model: RS5
Engine: V6 Twin-Turbo 2.9l
Power: 444bhp

Ticket Price: £3.30
Cash Alternative: £55,000

The Hot Hatch

Model: RS3 2017
Engine: i5 2.5l
Power: 394bhp

Ticket Price: £2.25
Cash Alternative: £37,000

The Sports Car

Model: R8 V10
Engine: V10 5.2l
Power: 532bhp

Ticket Price: £6.15
Cash Alternative: £103,000

Winning your new Audi couldn’t be more convenient.

In addition to the car you’ll receive; you’ll get free worldwide delivery and servicing and insurance for free for one whole year! And if you add £0.95 to your ticket price you will win an extra £20,000 in cash that you can use to either treat yourself or improve the specs on the car – AND free fuel for the whole year! This all means that you can enjoy your brand new car to the fullest in the first year without having to worry about running costs.

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